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29.1.2015 – the seasons: january with taylor eigsti & ben wendel

Once a month I will include a tune composed and performed by Ben Wendel and a guest. He starts the series with one of my favorite piano players, Taylor Eigsti.

Taylor Eigsti – Piano
Ben Wendel – Saxophone

More info on this project and the artists involved can be found here.

On his website Ben writes:
The idea and goal of “The Seasons” was a simple one:  12 original pieces dedicated to 12 musicians I deeply admire, released over 12 months. Though this ended up being one of the most challenging and complex projects I’ve ever attempted, it also turned out to be one of the most rewarding.

The duos are compositionally (and personally) related to the selected guests and their unique artistry.  Each musician I have chosen has had a direct influence on my playing and has been a creative inspiration. Whether it is the rhythmic nuance of a drummer or the intervallic approach of a saxophonist, I’ve sought to match the composition to the selected artist’s voice as I envision it.

Filmed at SubCulture in NYC.

SubCulture is a music and performing arts venue located in the historic NoHo neighborhood of downtown Manhattan. Founded by brothers and lifelong music lovers Marc and Steven Kaplan, the venue was designed to foster an intimate connection between artists and the audience by incorporating the absolute best in sound and lighting technology into a room with naturally strong acoustic and architectural features.

Video and Audio by Alex Chaloff

28.1.15 – the apple orchard in saghmosavanq by tigran

Tigran Hamasyan performs “The Apple Orchard in Saghmosavanq” of the album “Mockroot,” due February 3, 2015, on Nonesuch Records. Download the track now when you pre-order the album:


Tigran Hamasyan, piano, voice, keyboards, synths, sound effects
Sam Minaie, electric bass
Arthur Hnatek, drums & live electronics

Saghmasavanq is a very famous 12th-century monastery in Armenia, close to Yerevan. It’s a magical place, right on a cliff, surrounded by the most incredible scenery, with hectares of apple orchards. The song starts off very intimate, as a piano solo in a minor key, with a voice singing the melody, but the idea was for it to develop into something quite different. By the end there is a huge wall of sound that is almost turning into white noise!

27.1.2015 – sunshine girl by shayna steele

Check out her new album RISE. It makes you dance, feel good, reflect, sigh, sing along …

Shayna Steele voc – David Cook piano – Errol Cooney guit – Marcus Miller eb – Eric Harland dr


You who had it all
when I look at you I see everything I don’t have
Who did what to you? To make you think you’re not worthy
Unworthy, that one word
So easy to say
You kill me when you talk that way
Those bitter words, they’re not the first

You’re so beautiful
Absolute perfection
You’re that kinda girl
Who gets the boys attention
Cause you got everything that you could ever want
Just come on out and show them what you got

Who made you believe
Who made you think that you’re not beautiful my friend
I have never felt the need to slap a smile on that sad face
So be happy, cause you’re a sunshine girl
You’re the luckiest girl in the sky
So sunny, light up my darkest days
Be happy

You very lonely girl, stop wishing for a place that makes you go insane
Who do you do it for? You shut the door
Cause you got everything that you could ever want
So come on out and show them what you got

26.1.2015 – arifa and voices from the east

Today I’ll treat with parts of a whole concert. I had the great pleasure to see this amazing musicians perform last Friday.

Guest musicians
Meng Xiaoxu — erhu & vocals (China)
Niusha Barimani — kamanche & vocals (Iran)
Vanya Valkova — gadulka & vocals (Bulgaria)

Franz von Chossy (Germany) piano
Michalis Cholevas (Greece) tarhu
Alex Simu (Romania) clarinet & live laptop
Sjahin During (Turkey/Nederlands) percussion set

Music by Franz von Chossy & Alex Simu
Audio recording by Marc Schots
Film & editing by Jonathan Kuijs

Contact: Mundus productions –