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11.1.2015 – cycle by florian favre trio

I only discovered this Swiss Piano Trio a few month ago. They take part of the festival Suisse Diagonales, that started yesterday. Check out their video and come to listen to them live!

11.01.15 18:00 Musig im Ochsen MURI
16.01.15 19:30 Meck FRICK
24.01.15 21:00 Musibiasca BIASCA
06.02.15 20:00 Jazzclub Uster USTER
07.02.15 20:00 Kulturscheune LIESTAL

8.1.2015 – back in the game by pilgrim

Today I’m happy to present you my preferred tune of the latest release Italian Circus Story by Pilgrim.  The tune is called “Back in the game” and inspired by the movie with Clint Eastwood with the same name.

you can find it here.


They just started a tour and I had the great joy to see them perform live yesterday. Check them out, should you be around.

08.01.2015 20:00 Ort, Wuppertal (DE)
09.01.2015 20:45 Jazzolder, Mechelen (BE)
10.01.2015 20:30 Sjruur, Maaseik (BE)
11.01.2015 15:00 Aquilone, Liège (BE)
12.01.2015 20:30 Axes Jazzpower, Eindhoven (NL)
15.01.2015 21:00 Salon Hansen, Lüneburg (DE)
16.01.2015 21:00 Live CV im CVJM, Lübeck (DE)
17.01.2015 20:00 Kito, Bremen (DE)
22.01.2015 20:30 Bird’s Eye, Basel (CH)