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28.1.15 – the apple orchard in saghmosavanq by tigran

Tigran Hamasyan performs “The Apple Orchard in Saghmosavanq” of the album “Mockroot,” due February 3, 2015, on Nonesuch Records. Download the track now when you pre-order the album:

CD+MP3: http://www.nonesuch.com/albums/mockroot

Tigran Hamasyan, piano, voice, keyboards, synths, sound effects
Sam Minaie, electric bass
Arthur Hnatek, drums & live electronics

Saghmasavanq is a very famous 12th-century monastery in Armenia, close to Yerevan. It’s a magical place, right on a cliff, surrounded by the most incredible scenery, with hectares of apple orchards. The song starts off very intimate, as a piano solo in a minor key, with a voice singing the melody, but the idea was for it to develop into something quite different. By the end there is a huge wall of sound that is almost turning into white noise!

26.1.2015 – arifa and voices from the east

Today I’ll treat with parts of a whole concert. I had the great pleasure to see this amazing musicians perform last Friday.

Guest musicians
Meng Xiaoxu — erhu & vocals (China)
Niusha Barimani — kamanche & vocals (Iran)
Vanya Valkova — gadulka & vocals (Bulgaria)

Franz von Chossy (Germany) piano
Michalis Cholevas (Greece) tarhu
Alex Simu (Romania) clarinet & live laptop
Sjahin During (Turkey/Nederlands) percussion set

Music by Franz von Chossy & Alex Simu
Audio recording by Marc Schots
Film & editing by Jonathan Kuijs

Contact: Mundus productions – www.arifamusic.com

11.1.2015 – cycle by florian favre trio

I only discovered this Swiss Piano Trio a few month ago. They take part of the festival Suisse Diagonales, that started yesterday. Check out their video and come to listen to them live!

11.01.15 18:00 Musig im Ochsen MURI
16.01.15 19:30 Meck FRICK
24.01.15 21:00 Musibiasca BIASCA
06.02.15 20:00 Jazzclub Uster USTER
07.02.15 20:00 Kulturscheune LIESTAL