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26.1.2015 – arifa and voices from the east

Today I’ll treat with parts of a whole concert. I had the great pleasure to see this amazing musicians perform last Friday.

Guest musicians
Meng Xiaoxu — erhu & vocals (China)
Niusha Barimani — kamanche & vocals (Iran)
Vanya Valkova — gadulka & vocals (Bulgaria)

Franz von Chossy (Germany) piano
Michalis Cholevas (Greece) tarhu
Alex Simu (Romania) clarinet & live laptop
Sjahin During (Turkey/Nederlands) percussion set

Music by Franz von Chossy & Alex Simu
Audio recording by Marc Schots
Film & editing by Jonathan Kuijs

Contact: Mundus productions – www.arifamusic.com

11.1.2015 – cycle by florian favre trio

I only discovered this Swiss Piano Trio a few month ago. They take part of the festival Suisse Diagonales, that started yesterday. Check out their video and come to listen to them live!

11.01.15 18:00 Musig im Ochsen MURI
16.01.15 19:30 Meck FRICK
24.01.15 21:00 Musibiasca BIASCA
06.02.15 20:00 Jazzclub Uster USTER
07.02.15 20:00 Kulturscheune LIESTAL

Piano Trios in 2014

IMG_6396Piano Trios… one of my preferred format in Jazz. I have been really happy to see some great Trios live during 2014.

Some of those and many more are definitely on my list for 2015…



Aaron Goldberg Trio Aaron Goldberg p, Reuben Rogers b, Eric Harland dr
Alfredo Rodriguez Trio Alfredo Rodriguez p, Reinier Elizarde Ruano b, Michael Olivera dr
Avishai Cohen trio Nitai Hershkovits p, Avishai Cohenb, Ofri Nehemya dr
Children of Light Danilo Perez p, John Patitucci b, Brian Blade dr
Christian McBride Trio Christian Sands p, Christian McBride b, Ulysse Owens dr
Christoph Stiefel Inner Language Trio “Big Ship” Christoph Stiefel p, Arne Huber b, Kevin Chesham dr
Colin Vallon Trio Colin Vallon p, Patrice Moret b, Ju Sartorius dr
Dawn of Midi Amino Belyamani p, Qasim Naqvi b, Aakaash Israni dr
Florian Favre Trio Florian Favre p, Manu Hagmann b, Alexandre J. Maurer dr
Iiro Rantala Trio Iiro Rantala p, Lars Danielsson b, Wolfgang Haffner dr
Jason Lindner “Now Vs. Now” Jason Lindner keys, Andreou Panagiotis eb, Justin Tyson dr
Jason Moran & the bandwagon Jason Moran p, Tarus Mateen b, Nasheet Waits dr
John Law´s Congregation Trio John Law p, Yuri Goloubev b, Tom Gilles dr
Michele di Toro Trio Michele di Toro p, Yuri Goloubev b, Marco Zanoli dr
Omer Klein Trio Omer Klein p, Haggai Cohen Milo b, Amir Bressler dr
Philipp Eden Trio Philipp Eden p, Dominique Girod b, Nicolas Stocker dr
Rembrandt Frerichs Trio Rembrandt Frerichs p, Tony Overwater b, Vinsent Planjer dr
Robert Lakatos Trio Robert Lakatos p, Stephan Kurmann b, Dominic Egli dr
Rusconi Stephan Rusconi p, Fabian Gisler b, Claudio Strüby dr
Shai Maestro Trio Shai Maestro p, Jorge Roeder b; Ziv Ravitz dr
Simcock Goloubev Sirkis Gwilym Simcock p, Yuri Goloubev b, Asaf Sirkis dr
Stefan Aeby Trio Stefan Aeby p, André Pousaz b, Michi Stulz dr
The Frank Harrison Trio Frank Harrison p, Dave Whitford b, Enzo Zirrili on dr
Thierry Lang – Heiri Känzig – Andi Pupato Thierry Lang p, Heiri Känzig p, Andi Pupato dr, perc
Tigran Hamasyan Trio Tigran Hamasyan p, Sam Minae b, Arthur Hnatek dr
Yves Theiler Trio Yves Theiler p, Yuri Goloubev b, Lukas Mantel dr